Seeds Which Succeed since 1784

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LOCATION: High Street, Philadelphia, 1784

An industrious British immigrant arrives in the New World to establish himself as a seedsman. David Landreth’s success attracts his brother, Cuthbert, to the enterprise and together, they built an organization dedicated to supplying American Seeds for the American Climate.

Printing one of the first catalogs in the country for home gardeners and market growers, Landreth’s seeds were found everywhere including George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, fueling soldiers on both sides of the Civil War and in the prized possessions of wagon trains heading West.

As we, the American gardening population has grown and evolved, the values upon which David and Cuthbert Landreth staked their name has endured. Quality. Fair Prices. Innovation. Knowledge.

OUR REPUTATION: Innovators and Seedsmen

We continue to be innovators in the ongoing tale of American horticulture. As the first catalog to introduce tomatoes to the continent, zinnia pioneers, the original breeder of Long Standing Bloomsdale spinach, a variety that continues to be the most popular spinach ever grown, and much, much more. Throughout our storied past, we have also proudly introduced some of the most innovative gardening tools and farm implements available. (That said, we currently have no plans to reintroduce the Progressive Poultry Killer – see our 1893 catalog)

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OUR SEEDS: Authentic and Original

At Landreth’s, we’ve always felt that more is not better...As such, we do not offer the broadest selection of varieties available, rather we focus on scrupulously selecting seeds that succeed – seeds that have survived the test of time and provide you, our partners in this journey, with unsurpassed performance.

Our offerings are judged to meet as many of the following criteria as practical:

  • Best of its type, suitable for home gardeners for containers.
  • Rooted in the past, many featured as Landreth originals.
  • Selected for plant vigor, and ease of growing.
  • Suitable for fresh and/or strange for year-round enjoyment.
  • Heirloom or open pollinated, to preserve history and diversity.
  • Hard to find or not commonly available in mass retail environments.
  • Prized by chefs for its garden-to-table goodness.
  • And always non-genetically modified (non-GMO) and suitably produced.

YOUR FUTURE: I can grow it!

Many things have changed and at Landreth’s Seeds, we’ve grown as well. We see our mission as cultivating a modern I-can-grow-it community, that’s seeded with our enduring values. Like you, we love getting dirt under our nails as we feed both our minds and bodies.

We invite you to order our seeds, engage with our community on Facebook, share your success on Instagram, sign-up for our email newsletters or just give us a call. Our credibility, born upon the harvests of centuries, is reseeded every day. We want to be with you as you plan, plant, grow, enjoy, celebrate and ultimately repeat the cycles that mark the seasons.