Philadelphia White Box Radish - Packet

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Small, perfectly round and pleasingly plump, the Philadelphia White Box radish is a Landreth Original. Cleverly disguised to resemble a spring turnip, highly adaptable to small gardens and containers, anywhere there is a patch of sun. Direct sow a row of seed in the garden in spring and fall for a quick growing radish that is best fresh from the garden.
Plant Information
Introduced in 1938, the Philadelphia White Box radish variety is one of the quickest growing you'll find, and the "box" part of its name refers to its ability to grow well in boxed beds and containers. It can be planted very early in the spring, even before frost threats have ended, and it's a great candidate for repeat sowings that will give you generous, successive crops well into the fall. Philadelphia White Box winter radishes are extremely quick to grow and will be ready in just 30 days. The pristine white radishes will be perfectly round and pleasingly plump (about an inch in diameter) when mature, with a wonderfully crisp texture and sweetly spicy flavor.
More Information
Item Package Size
Weight Of Seeds Per Packet
0.14 oz
Seeds Per Packet
approx. 425 seeds per packet
Botanical Name
Raphanus sativus
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Planting Depth
1/2 inch
Seed Spacing
1-3 inches
Row Spacing
8-18 inches
Space After Thinning
2-4 inches
Days To Germinate
4-6 days
Days To Maturity
Growth Rate
Good For Containers, Grow On Windowsill, Edible, Grow With Children
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