Pingtung Long Eggplant - Packet

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Yes, this is an eggplant! Longer and skinnier than the traditional pear-shaped varieties, Ping Tung Long eggplant is equally as delicious but with a sassier shape. Disease-resistant and high-yielding; up to 20 eggplants each! Staking encouraged for straightness. Excellent for containers. 65-75 days.
Plant Information
A native of Ping Tung, Taiwan, this very long, very slender, very unique variety of eggplant can sometimes grow to be an amazing 18 inches long. Its flesh is incredibly sweet and tender and works well in countless recipes, making Ping Tung Long eggplant a must-have vegetable in every home garden and kitchen. Each plant will surprise you with as many as 20 eggplants each, and there's no limit to the fun you can have coming up with creative ways to use them all. When mature, most Ping Tung eggplants will average about 12 inches in length and 2 inches in width and will weigh approximately 1.5 pounds. Once your eggplants have a high gloss and are dark purple in color, they're ready to be picked. To be sure, press gently on the skin; it should remain indented and not spring back. It's best to use your eggplants immediately after picking for the greatest flavor and texture, but they will keep in the fridge for several days and can be frozen if cooked first. It's also important to note that the leaves and flowers of eggplants are harmful if ingested.
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Botanical Name
Solanum melongena
How To Grow
Planting Depth
1/4 inch
Seed Spacing
18-24 inches
Row Spacing
30-36 inches
Space After Thinning
18-24 inches
Days To Germinate
10-20 days
Days To Maturity
Seed Life Cycle
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