Tennis Ball Head Lettuce - Packet

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Sweet and buttery in taste and crisp and smooth in texture, petite Tennis Ball head lettuce is also low maintenance and easy to grow. The perfect size for a salad for two, their compact heads make them a great choice when garden space is tight. Plant every two weeks for successive crops all season long. 45-60 days.
Plant Information
As noted by Thomas Jefferson who grew Tennis Ball head lettuce at Monticello, "it does not require so much care and attention" as other varieties. Indeed low-maintenance and easy to sow in the spring or fall, it can also be planted every few weeks for successive crops that last all season. The heads of Tennis Ball lettuce are on the more petite side (6-8 inches in diameter), yet larger than the variety known as Tom Thumb (4-6 inches). This makes them ideal for planting in a garden where space might be tight. Loose and filly with delicate, pale green leaves, their texture is crisp and smooth and their flavor sweet and buttery. And their size makes them pretty perfect when making a salad for two.
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Botanical Name
Lactuca sativa
Seed Life Cycle
How To Grow
Item Package Size
Space After Thinning
5-10 inches
Seed Spacing
1-3 inches
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Days To Maturity
Days To Germinate
5-10 days
Planting Depth
1/8-1/4 inch
Additional Information
Introduced in 1885
Row Spacing
8-12 inches