King of the Garden Pole Lima Bean - Packet

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What a perfect name for a variety that reigns supreme in the world of beans. Imperial in appearance, magnificent in texture, and superior in taste, King of the Garden lima poles beans are long producers (and they don't demand you treat them like royalty). Low-maintenance, heavy yielding, and heat tolerant. 90-100 days.
Plant Information
Introduced in 1883, King of the Garden lima pole beans are an old-fashioned favorite that's excellent for home gardens. It's a vigorous grower and prolific producer, giving you the prettiest and tastiest lima beans with the most tantalizing texture. These limas are great for freezing too! King of the Garden pole beans will produce quite a generous crop again and again, bearing countless pods up to 5-7 inches in length with 4-6 creamy white beans inside. You may opt to stagger plantings every two weeks throughout the season for successive crops. Pole beans grow as vines that can reach 10 or more feet, so establishing a trellis or other structure for support is necessary. This takes a bit more work in the beginning than planting bush bean varieties, but pole beans are often preferred because they tend to have better flavor, they take up less space, and the upright style of harvesting is definitely easier.
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Planting Depth
2 inches
Item Package Size
Space After Thinning
12-24 inches
Row Spacing
24-36 inches
Seed Life Cycle
Days To Maturity
Days To Germinate
7-14 days
How To Grow
Botanical Name
Phaseolus lunatus
Seed Spacing
10-12 inches