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Chopped up for fruit salad or eaten right off the rind like watermelon, Honey Rock melon has a sweet, thirst-quenching taste that no summertime should be without. Tender and juicy, salmon-orange flesh. Vigorous plants are generous yielders and produce best in warm weather. Start indoors in cooler areas. 75-90 days.
Plant Information
Also known as Sugar Rock, Honey Rock cantaloupe melon was developed by F.W. Richardson near Hicksville, Ohio before 1920. It's a cross between Champlain, Irondequoit, and Honey Dew and was an "All-America Selections" gold medal winner in 1933. Still a champion, the Honey Rock melon variety treats gardeners to several sizable, spherically shaped fruit with an incredible texture and thirst-quenching flavor. Vigorous plants produce 5-7 melons apiece, each 6-7 inches in diameter and weighing about 3-4 pounds with widely netted, grayish green skin that turns a creamy yellow at maturity. The rind is coarse for good reason, providing excellent protection for the sweet and refreshing, salmon-orange, amazingly tender flesh inside. You'll know your Honey Rock melons are ready to pick when their skin color changes, their ends soften a bit, and they slip easily off their vines with a gentle tug.
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Botanical Name
Cucumis melo
How To Grow
Planting Depth
1/2-1 inch
Seed Spacing
24-36 inches
Row Spacing
Hills 4-6 feet
Space After Thinning
3-5 feet
Days To Germinate
7-12 days
Days To Maturity
Seed Life Cycle
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