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Simply the best when it comes to leeks! Extremely cold hardy and capable of producing stalks well over a foot in length, Giant Musselburgh leeks are tender in texture and have a delicate, sweet taste. They're perfect flavor enhancers raw or cooked. Use them wherever you would their garlic or onion relatives. 90-120 days.
Plant Information
Introduced in the 1830s in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Giant Musselburgh leek variety is also known as American Flag or Scotch Flag. The term flag does not have a patriotic reference, but instead means plants that have sword-like foliage. One of the most popular varieties, Giant Musselburgh leeks are extremely cold hardy and adapt well to areas where frost and freezing temps are common. They are also very true to their name, reaching 9-15 inches in length and 2-3 inches in diameter when mature. They can be harvested before then if desired, and are actually their most flavorful when about an inch in diameter. Use Giant Musselburgh leeks whenever and wherever you would their garlic or onion relatives. They're milder and sweeter though, so will add their own unique flavor to all of your favorites. Chefs swear by them for soups and stews!
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Seed Life Cycle
Row Spacing
12-18 inches
Seed Spacing
4-5 inches (seeds); 12-24 inches (transplants)
Planting Depth
1/4-1/2 inch
Item Package Size
Space After Thinning
12 inches
Days To Maturity
Days To Germinate
6-16 days
Botanical Name
Allium ampeloprasum
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