Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash - Packet

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A mellow yellow summer squash you're going to absolutely love! One, it's an early grower. Two, it's a prolific producer. And three, it bears straightneck fruit that gorgeous and plump with fine-grained flesh and fabulous flavor. Delicious raw, sauteed, or cooked in countless ways. Great for canning and freezing too. 45-60 days.
Plant Information
An "All-America Selections" winner that was introduced in the 1930s, Early Prolific Straightneck remains one of the most popular summer squash varieties. It's a fantastic choice for gardeners who want a squash crop that's easy to grow, fast to mature, and very prolific (and what gardener doesn't?). The bush-style plants spread out vine-like to become as large as 3 feet wide and almost as tall. A rather early producer and very generous yielder, hence the "Prolific" in its name, this early straightneck summer squash bears beautiful, club-shaped, sunshine-yellow fruits that are 8-10 inches in length. Although nearly a foot when fully mature, Early Prolific Straightneck summer squash tastes best when harvested a bit younger at approximately 4-6 inches in length, when the flesh is fine-grained and at its most tender. Keep picking your squash every few days to encourage new growth.
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Seed Life Cycle
Row Spacing
3-6 feet
Seed Spacing
24-36 inches (3-4/hill)
Planting Depth
1-11/2 inches
Item Package Size
Space After Thinning
3-6 feet
Days To Maturity
Days To Germinate
5-10 days
Botanical Name
Cucurbita pepo
How To Grow