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This cabbage is a keeper! Not only is Danish Ballhead cabbage fantastic for immediate consumption in slaws, soups, stews, and sauerkraut, it's also revered for how great it keeps in storage for use later. Has the fewest calories and least fat of any vegetable! 90-100 days.
Plant Information
A descendent of an earlier variety from the 15th century, Danish Ballhead cabbage was first cultivated on the Island of Avager by Dutch colonists and introduced in 1887. It quickly became known and loved for its great texture and pleasing flavor, but also because it keeps so well for use later in the fall and winter. Its heads are virtually perfectly round, approximately 10 inches in diameter, and average 6 pounds in weight. To be sure of readiness, push on the heads gently. If they feel firm, they are ready. Once mature, harvest them right away to avoid splitting. Danish Ballhead cabbage's love of cooler weather gives it a longer growing season than other veggies, allowing you to plant a crop in the spring for summer eating and another later in the season for fall and winter storage. It's delicious fresh or cooked and is perfect for slaws, soups, stews, and more. It's also a top pick for sauerkraut. Rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants, Danish Ballhead cabbage is a good source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and numerous other nutrients, and it has the fewest calories and least fat of any vegetable.
More Information
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Botanical Name
Brassica oleracea capitata
How To Grow
Planting Depth
1/4-1/2 inch
Seed Spacing
2 inches (seeds); 12-18 inches (transplants)
Row Spacing
3-4 feet
Space After Thinning
12 inches
Days To Germinate
5-14 days
Days To Maturity
Seed Life Cycle
Additional Information
Introduced in 1888
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