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Some corn varieties are larger and some grow sooner, but none are sweeter than Golden Cross Bantam. In garden corn taste tests, it wins all the time! It tolerates cool soils well and will produce two or more 6-7 inch ears per 5-foot stalk. Plant twice three weeks apart if you want to extend your harvest. 70-90 days.
Plant Information
It used to be that white corn varieties were all people wanted, because it was assumed they were more refined and of higher quality. That is until Golden Cross Bantam corn came along in 1902 and changed everything, thanks to its unmatched sweet taste, perfect texture, and beautiful yellow color. It also became popular because it did so well in cooler soil, sprouting earlier than other varieties for a longer, more generous, and very profitable harvest. Like most corn, Golden Cross Bantam is wind pollinated, so it should be planted in blocks of shorter rows as opposed to one long row. Choose a sunny spot in your garden that's at least 100 square feet in size, making sure it's on a side that won't block the sun from other plants when the corn stalks get tall. Golden Cross Bantam corn is ready to pick when you notice the silks have turned brown and the ears feel firm. For the best flavor and texture, harvest, cook, and eat the same day. You can also freeze Golden Cross Bantam right on the cob if you want to save some for later.
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Botanical Name
Zea mays
Seed Life Cycle
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Space After Thinning
12 inches
Seed Spacing
4-6 inches
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Days To Germinate
7-14 days
Planting Depth
11/2 inches
Row Spacing
24-36 inches