Chantenay Long Carrot - Packet

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If you believe the reviews from 1830, when the French seeds catalogs touted this carrot as the gold standard for carrot flavor, then read no further. Harvest small to fully appreciate the delicately tapered roots. Deep orange with contrasting red core, harvest when six inches in length and roast whole.
Plant Information
Developed by French seed specialist Louis de Vilmorin in the 1830s, Chantenay Long carrots have an exquisite flavor, a brilliant color, tender flesh, and grow to an impressive size. Reaching 5-7 inches in length with shoulders as broad as 2.5 inches, they keep their sweet flavor and appealing texture even when at their largest. A direct-sow vegetable with a heavy yield and relatively quick trip to maturity, Chantenay Long carrots can be grown in staggered harvests for a continuous crop all season long. Simply space your plantings about three weeks apart and you'll have carrots coming up all summer. And you'll want plenty of these carrots on hand as their uses in the kitchen are countless. Yes...any way you slice it, dice it, prepare it, or preserve it, the Chantenay Long carrot is vegetable perfection.
More Information
Item Package Size
Weight Of Seeds Per Packet
0.05 oz
Seeds Per Packet
approx. 1890 seeds per packet
Botanical Name
Daucus carota
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Planting Depth
1/4 inch
Seed Spacing
1/2 inch
Row Spacing
9-16 inches
Space After Thinning
1-3 inches
Days To Germinate
6-21 days
Days To Maturity
Growth Rate
Edible, Grow With Children
Additional Information
Landreth's Original, Introduced in 1800s
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Ships To Canada
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