Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli - Packet

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The Calabrese Green Sprouting variety of broccoli is revered for its hardy nature and stalks topped with very full, dark green heads. A cool-season crop best started indoors. Space crops into two plantings to enjoy in summer and fall. Great for freezing too. 60-80 days.
Plant Information
An Italian heirloom brought to the US by immigrants in the 1880s, Calabrese Green Spouting broccoli plants grow 18-30 inches high and produce 3-6 inch blue-green central heads that are followed by prolific smaller side shoots. The best time to harvest your broccoli is when the heads appear tight and firm, before the tiny buds start to open. The appearance of yellow petals means you should pick your broccoli right away. Take a minimum of 6 inches of stem when removing broccoli from the garden. If side shoots have begun to grow, they will continue to do so. Calabrese Green Spouting broccoli plants will continue to grow new heads throughout the season, especially when planted in areas with cooler summers. Super-nutritious broccoli is one of the most versatile veggies. Puree steamed broccoli with milk and cheese for a creamy broccoli soup, eat it raw with dips, use it in chicken divan and other casseroles, or steam it and sprinkle with sharp cheddar cheese. Or toss florets with olive oil and salt and roast in a hot oven. Broccoli is packed with antioxidants and sulforaphane, believed to help prevent and fight cancer, improve bone health, promote healthier skin, and help with natural detoxification.
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Botanical Name
Brassica oleracea italica
How To Grow
Planting Depth
1/4 inch
Seed Spacing
18 inches
Row Spacing
18-24 inches
Space After Thinning
14-18 inches
Days To Germinate
7-14 days
Days To Maturity
Seed Life Cycle
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