Creating a Banner

Go to "Content > Banenrs"
Click "Add Banner"
Name your Banner
Edit your banners Content

Click on the "content" tab under "BANNER INFORMATION" to reveal the content editor.

DO NOT USE Default Content and instead navigate to each specific Store View Content

Your banners contents can be any valid HTML code, see Promotional Banners to learn to make a promotional banner.

Click "Save Banner"
Find your Banners ID

After saving your banner find your banner ID in the table, you will need this to assign it to a widget.

Promotional Banners

To make a promotional banner create an element and give it a class of "promo-banner", the element should be a <a> element if you want the banner to link somwheres or a <div> if the banner isn't a link.

<a href='/perennials' class='promo-banner'>Perennials are 99% off today only</a>
<div class='promo-banner'>Perennials are 99% off today only</div>
It will look like this on
It will look like this on

Creating a Widget

Go to "Content > "Widgets"
Click "Add Widget"
Use these settings

Type = Banner Rotator
Design Theme = Ami Default Theme (Any will work)

Click "Continue"

Name your widget and assign it to the store
Add a Layout Update

Click the "Add Layout Update", the choose the page type to display it on, then if you only want it on specific pages select them choose the container and template.

This example will put it on all Anchor Categories between the navigation bar and the breadcrumbs

Select your banner to display in the widget

In the "Widget Options" Tab, use the following settings and using the banner id from earlier find your banner and "check" it to assign it to this widget.

The banner will not appear until the cache is cleared

The cache has to be cleared before the banner starts showing up. Clearing the cache will make the site very slow for many hours, so do not clear the cache often. If it is not urgent try and just wait a few hours (up to 1 day) and the banner will appear on its own.