Long Green Improved Cucumber - Packet

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True to their name, these super cucumbers can grow to be over a foot long and 3 inches in diameter! The Long Green Improved cucumber is a fantastic, all-purpose variety that's perfect for pickling when young and ideal for slicing when mature. Productive and reliable. Pick daily for a continuous harvest. 60-70 days.
Plant Information
Introduced in 1842, Long Green Improved cucumbers are related to an even older variety called Long Green Turkey, which was grown as far back as the 1700s. Described as vigorous, productive, and reliable, its yields are very heavy but its maintenance very light. Aside from being intolerant of frost, it's not fussy about much and will produce a continuous harvest when picked on a daily basis. Long Green Improved is definitely one of the largest varieties, surprising you with cucumbers as long as a foot and as wide as 3 inches. Their skin is a rich green color with black spines and their flesh is crisp and white, making their sliced appearance ideal for salads. And their flavor is light and refreshing so they're delicious just picked as well as delightful when pickled.
More Information
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Botanical Name
Cucumis sativus
Seed Life Cycle
How To Grow
Item Package Size
Space After Thinning
12 inches
Seed Spacing
18 inches
Ships As
Days To Maturity
Days To Germinate
6-10 days
Planting Depth
11/2 inches
Additional Information
Introduced in 1740s
Row Spacing
12-36 inches