Kentucky Wonder Brown Pole Bean - Packet

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Crispy, crunchy Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans are tried and true. One of the most satisfying with dual purpose; harvest young for a fresh eating type, steamed with butter. Or leave on the vine for pods to dry, and harvest for a shelling bean for winter keeping. Push the seed in the ground, build an arbor, and step back as the vines to take off.
Plant Information
First introduced in the 1850s, Kentucky Wonder Brown pole beans remain the most popular pole variety thanks to their large size, distinctive flavor, and easy-growing nature. Harvested young as a snap bean, they're meaty, tender, and nearly stringless and add a sweet taste and snappy texture to salads and other summer favorites. They're also great for canning and freezing. Harvested later and dried, their excellent bean flavor makes soups, stews, and other recipes all the more savory. This prolific pole bean will produce quite a heavy crop again and again, yielding countless plump pods up to 9 inches in length with beautiful brown beans inside. You can also stagger plantings every two weeks throughout the season for successive crops. Pole beans grow as vines that can reach 10 or more feet, so establishing a trellis or other structure to help support them is necessary. This takes a bit more work in the beginning than planting bush bean varieties, but pole beans are often preferred because they tend to have better flavor, they take up less space, and the upright style of harvesting is definitely easier. Once harvesting does begin, pole beans should be picked every few days. If left on the vine too long, they will become brittle and bitter.
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Weight Of Seeds Per Packet
0.82 oz
Seeds Per Packet
approx. 80 seeds per packet
Botanical Name
Phaseolus vulgaris
How To Grow
Direct sow
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Planting Depth
1-2 inches
Seed Spacing
4-6 inches
Row Spacing
18-36 inches
Space After Thinning
12-24 inches
Days To Germinate
7-14 days
Days To Maturity
Growth Rate
Growth Habit
Seed Life Cycle
Additional Information
Landreth's Original
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