How to Grow Kale

All About Kale

Kale, also known as Borecole, is a non-heading, leafy green that is among the most cold-hardy vegetables you can grow. In fact, its sweet flavor is substantially enhanced when the plant is exposed to several hard frosts. For this reason, kale is best grown as a cool-weather crop in the fall or winter. 

How to Grow Kale

  1. Soil: Kale enjoys a rich, fertile soil. (However, unlike its cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower cousins, it will also do well in average garden soil.)
  2. Sowing Seeds: Kale should be direct seeded in the garden. Plant about 12 weeks before the first fall frost date in your area. Plant seeds in rows 24-30 inches apart.
  3. Growing: Once they're established, thin seedlings to 12-15 inches. 
  4. Harvesting: In 60-65 days, kale can begin to be harvested by cutting the leaves. If mulched, kale will last into the winter, except in the harshest northern climates. If your kale plants survive until the spring, they will then self-seed for another crop next season.

Did You Know?

Kale is an extraordinarily nutritious vegetable. The leaves contain lots of calcium and potassium and are rich in the Vitamins A and C.

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