Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelon - Packet

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The popular watermelon variety is nothing but a picnic! Easy to sow and grow, simple to maintain, and slightly faster to reach maturity than other melons. Thin but rugged rinds striped with light and dark green reveal juicy, refreshing flesh that's rose red, crisp, and sweet. The perfect picnic watermelon. 85-95 days.
Plant Information
Around since the 1800s, the Georgia Rattlesnake watermelon is an old Southern favorite that's becoming somewhat difficult to find. It gets its name from the mottled light and dark green stripes that run the length of its rind; a pattern some have said resembles the snakeskin of a rattler. Plants produce large, oblong fruits about 22 inches long, 10 inches in diameter, and 25-30 pounds on average (but some have been known to grow as big as 45 pounds!). The rugged rinds of Georgia Rattlesnake watermelons make them an ideal watermelon for transporting, so they're always ready for a picnic. And the fact that they're overflowing with nutritional value is another incentive to have them around. Watermelons are packed with vitamins A and C and lots of calcium, as well as the potent antioxidant lycopene. And true to their name, watermelons are a natural way to stay hydrated.
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Botanical Name
Citrullus lanatus
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Planting Depth
1/2-1 inch
Seed Spacing
3-4 feet
Row Spacing
6-8 feet
Space After Thinning
6-8 feet
Days To Germinate
7-10 days
Days To Maturity
Seed Life Cycle
Ornamental, Edible
Additional Information
Landreth's Original
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