Boston Pickling Cucumber - Packet

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The ten best genius recipes for cucumbers starts with this Boston Picking variety. Plan to slice into salad, stuff a jar with dill for pickles, chop into a fresh salsa with mint, or blend with yogurt for Indian curry, the list goes on, and on. Order seeds now, get them in the ground and fill the harvest basket in no time at all.
Plant Information
Introduced around 1880, Boston Pickling cucumbers have always been a popular and consistent variety, producing small, dark green, smooth-skinned fruits with beautiful black spines. Their snappy texture and stockier size (5-7 inches in length and 2-3 inches wide) make them ideal for pickling, but they certainly have a lot to offer when it comes to salads too. Like most cucumber varieties, Boston Pickling plants produce heavy and continuous yields, so you can experiment with your cucumber harvesting times based on how you want to enjoy them. As a general rule, pick your cukes when they're about 5 inches long when the texture is still firm and the seeds are small. This helps ensure the best flavor and optimal crispness. Harvest them even earlier for "baby" pickles, and pick every 2-4 days to encourage more fruit to form.
More Information
Item Package Size
Weight Of Seeds Per Packet
0.06 oz
Seeds Per Packet
approx. 60 seeds per packet
Botanical Name
Cucumis sativus
How To Grow
Direct sow (recommended) or start indoors
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Planting Depth
11/2 inches
Seed Spacing
1-3 inches
Row Spacing
4-5 feet
Space After Thinning
2-3 feet
Days To Germinate
7-14 days
Days To Maturity
Growth Rate
Growth Habit
Harvest mature cucumbers to encourage more production.
Seed Life Cycle
Additional Information
Landreth's Original, Introduced in 1800s
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