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Popular in India, known as the round squash, Apple Gourds are grown for their delicate fruit when young, cooked with curry and other spices. More often in this country, they are left to harden into a decorative birdhouse gourd, in a unique apple shape. The mottled green skin dries to brown. Vigorous vines quickly cover a trellis or hide a chain link fence.
Plant Information
Also known as Big Apple or Speckled Apple, this old gourd is the size of a large grapefruit and shaped exactly like an apple. The vigorous vines that produce them are very easy to grow, can be as long as 20 feet, and are best managed with trellising, fencing, or some other sturdy structure. This allows the growing gourds to hang versus lying on the ground, preventing a flat side and ensuring their roundness and symmetry. Mature Apple gourds are about 7 inches in diameter (much larger than an actual apple!) and should be harvested late in the fall when the leaves die. Just be sure you pick them before any heavy frosts arrive. Mottled green when fresh and caramel in color when dried, Apple gourds can take up to 6 months to dry completely, when they'll feel much lighter and you'll hear the seeds rattling inside.
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Item Package Size
Weight Of Seeds Per Packet
0.12 oz
Seeds Per Packet
approx. 10 seeds per packet
Botanical Name
Lagenaria siceraria
How To Grow
Direct sow or start indoors
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Planting Depth
1 inch
Seed Spacing
3-4 feet
Row Spacing
8-12 feet
Space After Thinning
6-8 feet
Days To Germinate
7-10 days
Days To Maturity
Growth Rate
Seed Life Cycle
Additional Information
Introduced in 1888
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Ships to Hawaii, Alaska & Canada
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